Hard Graft Records is an independent record store established in 2012.

We are what you call a click-and-mortar store. We main both a web and physical record store. The web store offers the convenience of online shopping while the physical store provides the experience of in-store browsing. The physical store also acts as a collection point for web store purchases if customers opt to collect their purchases instead of having them shipped.

You can reach us via any of these channels if you have any queries or special orders for the titles you are looking for. On that note, we cover a range of formats, the most popular being the LP. In addition to that we also cover CD, SACD and cassette tapes. So drop us a line at:

email: info@hardgraftrecords.com

Facebook Messenger: m.me/HardGraftRecords

Tel / WhatsApp: +6012-3033 700