Caroline Polachek, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You LP (Metallic Copper Coloured Vinyl)


Caroline Polachek released her solo debut Pang back in 2019 after having been the lead singer of the acclaimed band Chairlift for more than 10 years. Immediately upon release Pang received major hype and critical acclaim, but in the years since, it has practically achieved a monolithic status in modern art pop.

Not surprisingly, expectations are huge for her sophomore album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You, but with excellent singles like “Billions” and “Sunset”, it is evident that Polachek is a headstrong and original pop star who is here to stay!


Welcome To My Island 03:53
Pretty In Possible 03:36
Bunny Is A Rider 03:17
Sunset 02:43
Crude Drawing Of An Angel 03:29
I Believe 04:07
Fly To You (feat. Grimes and Dido) 04:05
Blood And Butter 04:28
Hopedrunk Everasking 03:19
Butterfly Net 04:36
Smoke 02:57
Billions 04:56

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