Crippled Black Phoenix, I, Vigilante 2LP

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I, Vigilante is the 2010 album from the British post-rock/stoner/doom/prog band led by Justin Greaves. "Lupus Pilum Mutat, Non Mentem" - The wolf may change it's fur, but not it's nature. This is the sentiment that runs throughout the six track album I, Vigilante. It encompasses words of warning and tales of trouble from times past up to the present, songs of standing your ground and stories from our history, for it is only through history we truly exist. Although originally having an unorthodox start, since all the band members were part of and busy with other projects at the time of the band's founding, Crippled Black Phoenix remained committed to staying together and forged their sound. The band writes what they call "end-time ballads," signifying both the slightly macabre nature of their songs and their unusual blend of styles as the final evolution in music.