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Pre-Order: Rose (Blackpink), R LP

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Product Description

Please note this is a pre-order title scheduled for release in the EU on 23 April 2021. It will only be ready for collection or shipped out to you once it's been released and when we have received it from our suppliers overseas. For more information on Pre-Orders please read our FAQ. Thanks.

Format:LP Vinyl - 1
Label: YG Entertainment
Release Date: 23/4/2021

Rose's first single album, -R-, marks her first start as a solo artist after the first letter of her name. This single album, which contains a more mature appearance and music, is based on the concept of retro/cinematic mood, and Rosé directly participated in the album design, increasing the collection value. I hope that Rosé will be able to share the message she wants to convey in her first single album through the image she captured like a movie and the music that resonates.