Prophets Of Saturn, Retronauts LP

RM117.00 MYR

Limited edition pressing on bronze vinyl (distribution and band copies of 250 copies worldwide).

Hailing from the British Midlands, English psych-metal four-piece Prophets of Saturn return this July with a follow-up to 2013, self-titled debut on the Birmingham-based label HeviSike Records.

Offering up an unabashed and heady excursion into the dope-smoking amplifier-worship of Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard, Retronauts is for neither the faint of heart nor mind. Traversing the cosmic lay-lines of times gone by like an antiquarian journey through the lineage of English proto-metal, a lysergic love of Cream, The Beatles and fellow Midlanders Black Sabbath permeate Prophets of Saturn’s sound. A love laced in equal measure with both the usual and unusual; the kind you’d come to expect from a band possessed to the point of lunacy with channeling bad acid trips, occultism and electrified doom through a fuzz box, just to get out of it the desired winding riffs and demented wails.

Like their self-titled debut – originally released on Cosmic Tomb and later rereleased by HeviSike Records on limited edition CD and cassette – Retronauts is a must-hear for fans of spaced-out, groove-laden metal. The kind best experienced live through vintage stacks, or committed to analogue tape in the most esoteric of studios.