Various Artistes, Masters Of Misery LP

RM130.00 MYR

An exclusive release for Record Store Day 2014, this highly limited edition item marks the first time that Earache's tribute to the originators of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, has been available on vinyl! Featuring some of the finest names to ever be a part of the Earache roster, such as Sleep, Cathedral, Godflesh and Brutal Truth, this vinyl features a stunning rework of the original artwork from back in 1992. Strictly limited to 1000 copies, this vinyl will never be repressed!

Track listing

Side A

1. Sleep "Snowblind"
2. Catheral "Wheels Of Confusion"
3. Scorn "The Wizard"
4. Confessor "Hole In The Sky"
5. Pitchshifter "NIB"

Side B
6. Iron Monkey "Cornucopia"
7. Brutal Truth "Lord Of This World"
8. Godflesh "Zero The Hero"
9. OLD "Who Are You"
10. Cathedral "Solitude"